Building skills and self-confidence of NEETs through podcasts

Project Results

In Service Training Programme

A bespoke In-Service Training Programme tailored to youth professionals with a specific emphasis on non-traditional inquiry-based and embedded-learning approaches, capitalising on the ubiquity of online learning environments with young adult NEETs.

My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources

A suite of cartoons and self-help to support young adult NEETs to manage their mental health and well-being.

Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum

An innovative learning approach to engage NEETs to build their confidence and digital competences. This curriculum will explore key skills areas to be developed by guiding NEETs to create their own podcasts.

Online Space and Community of Practice

An online space to provide access to all PODSQUAD learning materials, a dedicated podcast-publishing space and a Community of Practice to support engagement between youth professionals and young adult NEETs.

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